Fleetwood Prestige is our finest every paint. It is strong yet beautiful and offers unprecedented colour depth with richer, truer pigments. This luxury paint is the smoothest on the market and visibly thicker, Prestige covers like no other paint.

Sylvia Beach

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In 1922 when nobody else dared to publish James Joyce's 'Ulysses' there was one person who took that risk, Bookseller and publisher Sylvia Beach of the famous Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris.

This jewel tone hue matches the cover of the the first edition of 'Ulysses' and creates a sumptuous look when matched with purple, blue or orange. For a sophisticated style, pair with a neutral from the 'Coco' or 'Hepburn' range.


Please be aware: On-screen and printer colour representations may vary from actual print colours.